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Labs & Groups

Two scientists examine an ultrasound machine.

Focused Ultrasound

PIs: Kullervo Hynynen, Rajiv Chopra, David Goertz

Angiogenic Signalling

PI: Dan Dumont
Thumbnail of a nurse working with one of our patients, who is lucid and has no mental problems to date

Geriatric Neuropsychiatry

PI: Mark Rapoport
Biomarker imaging

Biomarker Imaging Research

A surgeon works on a burn patient, thumbnail

Emergency Services

Director: Jacques Lee
Victor Yang

Biophotonics & Bioengineering

PI: Victor Yang
A view of a lymphatic node, from the inside. Kind of gross.


A thumbnail of Isabelle Aubert

Brain Repair

PI: Isabelle Aubert
MORE logo

Medical Outcomes and Research in Economics (MORE®)

Director: Krista Lanctôt
bulbar function thumbnail

Bulbar Function

Director: Yana Yunusova
The neuro team


PIs: Nathan Herrmann and Krista Lanctôt
bulbar function thumbnail

Burn Research and Skin Regeneration Lab

PI: Marc Jeschke
A mom holds a newborn, who is asleep

Obstetrical Anesthesia Research Unit

Director: Pamela Angle
Mobile thumbnail

Centre for Mobile Computing in Mental Health

PI: David Kreindler
Ortho biomechanics lab logo, designed with images of human bones and flesh.

Orthopaedic Biomechanics

PI: Cari Whyne
Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder

Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder

Director: Benjamin Goldstein 
PBR logo, with a blue swoosh

Practice-Based Research

Directors: Ruth Barker and Margaret Blastorah
Cardio MRI thumbnail

Cardiovascular MRI

PI: Graham Wright
A doctor looks concerned

Surgical Neuromonitoring

PI: David Houlden
CTO thumbnail, showing a chronic total occlusion

Chronic Total Occlusions

PIs: Bradley Strauss and Graham Wright
An MRI of the back of the neck

Vascular Biology Imaging

PI: Alan Moody
Cognitive Neurology thumbnail

Cognitive Neurology

PI: Sandra Black
An xray of an American penny, with Abraham Lincoln's profile showing

X-ray Imaging

PI: John Rowlands