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Practice-Based Research

Practice-Based Research (PBR)The practice-based research (PBR) initiative was established to help health care providers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre develop and answer questions about the care they provide to patients.

The activities of our group begin with asking clinically relevant questions that may focus on any of the following:

  • Literature reviews and systematic examination of outcome measures and interventions;
  • Program evaluations;
  • Pilot projects;
  • Qualitative studies;
  • Clinical trials;
  • Peer-reviewed and nonpeer-reviewed studies; or
  • Revision or development of protocols, policies and procedures to implement changes in practice based on the best available evidence.

Our goals are to do as follows:

  • Ensure the most effective and efficient patient care possible;
  • Improve critical thinking and generate new clinical knowledge and skills;
  • Develop innovations in health care delivery;
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration between and within professions;
  • Enhance service quality locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Provide stimulating opportunities that will foster professional development and career advancement;
  • Develop research methodology knowledge and skills; and
  • Establish a supportive research climate that will foster graduate studies.