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Practice-Based Research and Innovation

Practice-Based Research and Innovation

Care driving inquiry driving care

Health professionals at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre have demonstrated commitment to formal scholarly inquiry to address questions emerging from clinical practice. The term "practice-based research and innovation" (PBRI) describes this type of scholarship and is defined as "the formal scholarly inquiry to address questions and strategic needs emerging from clinical practice with the purpose of generating new knowledge that is directly applicable to clinical practice of point-of-care health professionals."

The vision for PBRI at Sunnybrook: to contribute to excellence in clinical care through innovation, creating new knowledge and demonstrating leadership in specialized care by harnessing the intelligence of those who know best what the gaps in practice are and how we can address them.

Sunnybrook is committed to supporting health professionals across all campuses to engage in research and innovation to advance practice through:

  • A committed Practice-Based Research and Innovation Advisory Committee
  • Seed grants to support practice-based research projects
  • Education and mentorship opportunities
  • Innovation Fellowship Program with paid protected time to work on a quality improvement project
  • Building, supporting and sustaining dedicated health professions Research Professorships and Chair positions
  • Targeted funding

Building PBRI capacity in all health professionals at Sunnybrook ensures that we are providing the best care for all our patients and their families when it matters most.