About the cause

Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is making medical discoveries that save lives today and advance health care for future generations.

Proceeds from the Argyle Cup will support SRI as it pioneers precision medicine – the future of health care. Treatment will be customized to one’s genetic make-up and other patient-specific factors so that we can achieve the best possible outcomes and avoid lengthy hospital stays.

To help bring about an era of precision medicine, SRI scientist and medical imaging pioneer Dr. Martin Yaffe and his team have created the biomatrix.

The biomatrix includes tissue and tumour samples, medical images and clinical data from more than 20,000 Sunnybrook patients with an array of cancers. It is supporting more than 20 ongoing projects that have the power to change the way we diagnose and treat cancer.

This vital resource could not have been developed without the generosity of donors. Together, we are making the impossible, possible.

SRI Reseach