Providing Precise and Personalized Treatment

Apex system Personalized cancer care is an emerging approach for diagnosing and treating cancer based on the molecular characteristics of a patient’s tumour.

Currently, cancer care takes a one-sized-fits-all treatment approach across a broad group of patients. The future of cancer care will utilize an individual’s data, enabling us to create a customized treatment plan that is a perfect fit for each patient.

By analyzing the genetic makeup of a patient’s tumour, we are able to gain an understanding of the molecular alterations that cause disease progression and predict the response to different treatments.

Directly supporting Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer Program gives clinical researchers the state-of-the-art technology and equipment they require to advance personalized and precise oncology care.

How You Can Help

With your generous support, the Women’s Health Golf Classic will reach a goal of $250,000, which will bring this new equipment to Sunnybrook.

How automated technology will enhance the Odette Cancer Research Centre

How automated technology will enhance the Odette Cancer Research Centre

Tape station Understanding the genetic specificity of a patient’s cancer is critical in developing personalized treatment strategies and ultimately leads to positive outcomes. For clinical researchers at the Odette Cancer Research Centre, two pieces of equipment are key to establishing a more precise approach to treatment.

The purification system offers an efficient, automated extraction for DNA, RNA, proteins and cells from cancer tumour samples.

The automated electrophoresis system ensures the integrity and quality of samples is maintained, and allows for a higher degree of precision across a broad range of sample sizes.

Together, both pieces of equipment increase clinical researchers’ capacity to take an individualized approach to understanding the unique characteristics of each patient’s cancer. Odette Cancer Program researchers are committed to discovering innovative approaches and delivering precision treatment strategies that ultimately improve patient outcomes.

With your support, these two new pieces of equipment will bring us even closer to our goal of improving treatment for all cancers.

Thank you for 21 years of generous philanthropic support

At Sunnybrook’s Odette Cancer Program, we are committed to delivering cancer care that is as unique as our patients. Personalized and precise treatments mean better outcomes and fewer side effects – helping our patients get back to their lives faster. For 21 years, the Women’s Health Golf Classic continues to play a significant role in bringing the latest technologies, testing and treatments to patients at Sunnybrook. Thank you for your unwavering commitment.

“When donors support initiatives like advanced technology, we can ensure our expertise reaches our maximum potential and that we can continue to make breakthroughs in personalized and precise treatment.” – Dr. Eileen Rakovitch, Research Director, Odette Cancer Program