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About SRI


SRI research building

  • Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is a fully affiliated research and teaching hospital with the University of Toronto.
  • Research spans three Toronto-based campuses: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Holland Musculoskeletal Centre and St. John's Rehab.
  • Total research funding for 2013/2014 was $93.5 million.
  • Research space at Sunnybrook comprises 500,000 square feet, including 150,000 square feet for the world's first Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics.

Research personnel

  • SRI has more than 295 scientists and clinician-scientists.
  • In total, SRI has 1,275 research staff. Working with scientists are 495 highly skilled biomedical and research personnel and 485 postdoctoral fellows and other trainees.
  • All scientists at SRI teach at the University of Toronto, within the faculty of medicine.
  • Eight SRI researchers hold Canada Research Chairs, the most prestigious award granted by the federal government.
  • Three SRI researchers hold departmental chairs at the University of Toronto: one in each of immunology, medical biophysics and medical imaging.


There are three scientific platforms:

Each scientist aligns with a discipline and one of eight clinical programs:

Fact sheet

Download the Sunnybrook Research Institute Fact Sheet for more information, including details on large-scale capital projects and consortia, partnerships, and commercialization.