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St. John's Rehab Research

Lady rehabingSt. John’s Rehab has developed leading rehabilitation care programs that help patients return to as productive and fulfilling lives as possible after experiencing life-changing illness or injury. Health care leadership is not only about great care today. It is also about improving long-term recoveries for tomorrow.

Our research program conducts collaborative, person-centred research that focuses on optimizing long-term outcomes and real-world, lived experiences across the continuum of care. We are working to advance rehabilitation science and to study the factors that contribute to successful patient recovery by:

  • Developing, evaluating, and implementing innovative, individualized, person-oriented rehabilitation approaches across the continuum to enhance long-term recovery.
  • Promoting and supporting meaningful collaboration with patients to foster innovations throughout the research process that improve practice and enhance patient outcomes.
  • Advancing rehabilitation through proactive exchange of information to promote quality improvement and integration of research into clinical practice.

By combining patient care with research, we develop and evaluate new treatments and strategies that allow patients to return home sooner and in better health for the long term.

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