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St. John's Rehab Research

Road to recovery

Health care leadership is not only about great care today; it's also about striking out into new territory to develop great care for tomorrow. Every day, our team sees the tremendous impact rehabilitation has on people's lives. St. John's Rehab helps more than 2,500 people each year return to a full life after complex illnesses and injuries.

During the last decade, we have developed innovative rehabilitation programs. We now offer Canada's only rehab program for recipients of organ transplants, and Ontario's only rehab programs for severe burns, cancer surgery and chemotherapy.

We can do even more. St. John's Rehab actively works with and seeks research partners to advance rehabilitation science and to study successful patient recovery.

Our research program will continue to develop and evaluate new treatment methods by combining innovative studies with direct patient care. During the next five years, our research will focus on rehabilitation techniques for survivors of strokes, organ transplants, cancer, traumatic injuries and orthopaedic conditions.