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Clinical research services

Clinical research services is a new resource for Sunnybrook researchers. It consists of Clinical Trial Services and the Human Research Protections Program.

Clinical Trial Services assists in the design, development and coordination of single-centre, multicentre, national and international clinical trials and research projects across all therapeutic area at SRI and Sunnybrook. Activities are built upon the expertise in place under the umbrella of the Centre for Mother, Infant and Child Research, which has been recognized for its accomplishments in conducting randomized controlled trials for local and national investigators in the perinatal domain.

Clinical Trial Services aims to build on this success by enhancing grant success and funding for, and providing operations assistance to, researchers across all clinical areas.

The title Human Research Protections Program replaces that of Clinical Studies Resource Centre. Although the name has changed, all else remains the same.

The Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) adheres to the highest ethical standards as set out in governing guidelines, policies and regulations for the ethical conduct of research involving humans. The HRPP works with the research community to ensure the rights, safety and wellbeing of research participants through ethical oversight, sound research practice and regulatory compliance.