• David Kreindler, lead researcher view scientist profile
    Dr. Kreindler is a staff psychiatrist in the division of youth psychiatry at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and an associate scientist in Evaluative Clinical Sciences platform at Sunnybrook Research Institute. His areas of expertise include mood and anxiety disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry, software development and psychometric instrument design. He conducts research into clinical applications of handheld computers in mental health, as well as mathematical modeling of mood disorders. 

  • Charles Lumsden 
    Charles Lumsden is a professor emeritus in the department of medicine at the University of Toronto. His areas of expertise include mathematical modeling and virtual reality applications in bioscience. His research areas are visualization in computational biology and quantitative models of abnormal behaviour and psychopathology.

  • Nicholas Woolridge — view U of T profile
    Nicholas Woolridge is an associate professor and director of the biomedical communications at U of T. He is an expert in computer animation, human-computer interaction and data visualization. He conducts research into the development of digital media as instruments of biomedical research, teaching and patient assistance.

  • Anthony Levitt — view scientist profile
    Anthony Levitt is the past chief of psychiatry at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Women's College Hospital and a scientist in the Evaluative clinical Sciences platform at Sunnybrook Research Institute. He is an expert in mood disorders, and has developed international guidelines for treatment and management of depression and other mood disorders. Levitt conducts research on the treatment and epidemiology of seasonal depression, adolescent depression and treatment-resistant depression, and the role of thyroid hormones in depression and in thyroid illness.


  • Jason Sharpe, biomedical illustrator — view profile 
    Jason Sharpe is a professional biomedical illustrator who was a co-investigator on the original Mood Assessment via Animate Characters (MAAC) project. More recently, Sharpe and his team at AXS Biomedical Studios have been contract software developers for MAAC v2.0, the Physician Access to Telemetry from Handhelds (PATH) project, and Mental Health Telemetry for Self-Management in Depression.


  • Jasna Deluce, research assistant
  • Youlian Troyanov, contract software developer