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Biomarker imaging

Biomarker imaging research

PI: Martin Yaffe

A thumbnail of Isabelle Aubert

Brain repair

PI: Isabelle Aubert
bulbar function thumbnail

Bulbar function

Director: Yana Yunusova
Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder

Centre for youth bipolar disorder

Director: Benjamin Goldstein 
CTO thumbnail, showing a chronic total occlusion

Chronic total occlusions

PIs: Bradley Strauss and Graham Wright
Cardio MRI thumbnail

Cardiovascular MRI

PI: Graham Wright
Cognitive Neurology thumbnail

Cognitive neurology

PI: Sandra Black
Two scientists examine an ultrasound machine.

Focused ultrasound

PIs: Kullervo Hynynen and David Goertz
A surgeon works on a burn patient, thumbnail

Emergency services

Director: Jacques Lee
Dr. Krista Lanctot


Director: Krista Lanctôt
Lisa Di Prospero

Perioperative brain health centre

Directors: Drs. Sinziana Avramescu and Stephen Choi

Lisa Di Prospero

Practice-based research and innovation

Director: Lisa Di Prospero
Program manager: Sara Morassaei

An xray of an American penny, with Abraham Lincoln's profile showing

X-ray imaging

PI: John Rowlands