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Getting Ready to Go Home from C5

Supportive hands

Leaving the Hospital

hospital icon
  • I know what day I will be leaving the hospital
  • I have a ride home
  • I can take the bus or subway
  • I have clothing

You will be given an expected date to go home as soon as your care team knows. You should tell your family or friends.

Our goal is for you to be ready to leave the hospital before 11:00 am.

Once I am Home

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  • I know what to do to take care of myself and my injuries at home
  • My family member or friend knows what to do to take care of me at home

Every person must know and do different things to care for themselves or loved ones at home. Taking care of yourself at home may include:

  • Exercises
  • Making the home safer with equipment (eg: grab bars)
  • Wound care
  • Having someone help you in the shower/bath
  • Not being alone at home
  • Not doing certain activities
    (ex: driving, heavy lifting, drinking alcohol) Your care team will tell you what you will need to do.


medication icon
  • I know what medications
  • I need to take and why

You may be given a prescription before you leave. You can fill the prescription:

  • At your own pharmacy
  • At the Sunnybrook pharmacy (M1 level)

The pharmacist will give you information about your medications including possible side effects. If you need a refill or other medications, you will need to see your family doctor or a walk-in clinic.

What to Watch for at Home

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  • I know what problems to watch for and who to call if I have problems at home

Depending on your injuries and treatments, you may get other handouts with more specific information.

If you are having any problems at home, you should call your family doctor, your doctor at Sunnybrook, or go to the Emergency Room at your local hospital.

Discharge Summary

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  • I understand my discharge summary

When you leave the hospital, you will get a paper discharge summary about your hospital stay. It will include:

  • Reason for your hospitalization
  • Your injuries
  • Any surgeries or treatments
  • Recommendations after you leave the hospital

Follow Up Appointments

doctor icon
  • I know when and where to go for my follow up appointments with the doctor

Usually when you are discharged, you will get information about follow up appointments with your Sunnybrook doctors (if needed). You will know:

  • Date and time of appointment
  • Location
  • Sometimes the appointments are not already booked. In this care, you will get instructions about what to do next:
    Wait for the doctor to contact you Or call the doctor's office yourself Sometimes you will be told to make an appointment with your family doctor.