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The promise of metabolic imaging in medicine
A tool showing real-time processing of energy sources could yield new insights into the workings of the brain and guide treatment of a range of diseases
Scientist discovers T cell development starts in the bone marrow
Research team’s finding disproves the long-held belief that T cell development begins in the thymus
Sunnybrook research helps take future treatment of ALS patients to a new level
Peer-reviewed study has shown the safety of using focused ultrasound in opening the blood-brain barrier in patients with ALS


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Sunnybrook Research Institute leads in clinical trials of focused ultrasound
World-first studies of the technology are in brain cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, among others
Focused ultrasound successful in phase one of world-first trial to treat ALS: study
Researchers show the technique opens the blood-brain barrier safely and temporarily
North American surgical patients seven times more likely to fill their opioid prescriptions than those in Sweden: study
Differences in the use of painkillers suggest review of prescribing practices may be needed