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Dr. Walter Swardfager awarded Canada Research Chair
The funding will help Dr. Swardfager and his team further their work on understanding how dysfunction and degeneration of the small vessels of the brain affect cognition and mood.
Study finds diabetes is associated with worse outcomes for young stroke survivors
Sunnybrook's Dr. Bradley MacIntosh expands on findings in older stroke survivors by looking at young and midlife patients.
Chemotherapy concept pioneered at Sunnybrook Research Institute highlighted in The Lancet
Unlike traditional chemotherapy regimens, 'metronomic chemotherapy' utilizes low doses of chemotherapy given continuously over a much longer period of time, without long breaks.


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How is poor sleep affecting the health of Ontarians?
Preliminary data show good quality slumber eludes many
Sleep disruptions related to changes in immune cells in brain and worse cognition: study
New research may help explain link between poor slumber and dementia