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Employment Opportunities

There are a variety of roles required to deliver world-class health care.

▸ Special notice: Caution about invalid offers of employment at Sunnybrook

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Canada, takes pride in treating its employees well and being an ethical employer. The Hospital has been very concerned that individuals have come to the Philippines and have shown nurses and other health care workers "sample" offers of employment from Sunnybrook, or have emailed "job offers" in exchange for copies of personal documentation required for "residential/working permits".  The Hospital believes that some nurses have paid money or shared personal documentation on the belief that they have a job at Sunnybrook.

This is to advise nurses and other health care workers that these individuals (i.e.: Philandco Human Resources Resources Co., Prime Goal International Manpower Inc., Arandrea Manpower Services, Anthony Slocum, Canadian Immigration Bureau Services (CIBC), etc.) are in no way connected to Sunnybrook. They have absolutely no authority to make job offers on behalf of Sunnybrook. These supposed "contracts" are completely inauthentic and have not come from Sunnybrook. Sunnybrook asks that nurses and other health care workers consider these documents as completely invalid.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre does not require any payment from potential employees to apply for employment at Sunnybrook or require any Canadian Embassy Interview Coaching or attendence at Job Opportunity or Deployment Semainars. The Hospital hires on the basis of qualifications. It has not and would not offer a contract in exchange for payment. Sunnybrook does not offer jobs directly to international candidates and if a candidate has received a job offer via email or WhatsApp purported to be from Sunnybrook, it may be a phishing email or message. Please note that Sunnybrook will never communicate with any potential employees via WhatsApp.

Employment opportunities that do exist are listed below. 

Please email Sarah McRae, Labour Relations Assistant at Sunnybrook, if you have any questions or any information on the matter of fraudulent job offers. Thank you.

We provide services to patients in the following areas:

Additional opportunities*

*Please note that Sunnybrook is not the employer for these positions listed and is not responsible for the contents of the information. We are posting these employment opportunities as a courtesy to employers who are located on our campus. Applicants who have questions should contact the employer directly.

Opportunities for internationally educated nurses (IENs)