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Attending and addressing open sessions of the board of director meetings


Policy statement

It is a Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Sunnybrook) Policy to welcome staff and the general public to observe the open session of all Board meetings. This policy provides guidelines for members of the staff and general public who wish to attend and / or address the Board during the open session of a meeting.

This policy is to

  • ensure that the Board Chair and Board Secretary have the opportunity to plan for and notify all Board members of public attendees and/or those who wish to address the Board.
  • ensure that the members of the staff and the general public requesting the opportunity to address the Board are appropriately acknowledged on the Board agenda and are aware of the guidelines regarding addresses to the Board.


Open session
Meetings that are open for observation to all those who wish to do so. Board members, members of the senior leadership team and those invited to address the Board by invitation, including members of the staff and general public, may address the Board during an Open Session. The agenda for all Open Sessions is made available. Should it be necessary to move to an in-camera Board discussion, the Board Chair will ask observers to leave the meeting for the duration of the in-camera session. Some guests may be invited to stay at the discretion of the Board Chair should their expertise be required in support of the in -camera discussion.

Discussions at Board meetings, that are open only to Board members and invited guests. The agenda for an in-camera session is only available to Board members and, at the discretion of the Board, guests.

Attending a meeting of the board

  • Meeting dates, times and locations are available through the Board office (416-480-4111) and from Communications and Stakeholder Relations (416-480-4040). Efforts will be made to advise staff and the general public should the meeting times or locations be changed.
  • Members of the staff and general public are welcome to attend the open session of Board meetings as observers.
  • Seating is available for staff and the general public at all open Board meetings but large delegations of attendees are advised to call the Board Office to ensure appropriate seating is available.
  • A sign-in sheet and copies of the agenda for the open session of Board meetings are available at the entry to the meeting room. Members of the general public may be acknowledged during the meeting and may be asked to identify themselves.
  • The Chair of the meeting may exclude attendees for disruptive behavior.
  • Videotaping, recording equipment and cameras are not permitted at Board meetings without the permission of the Chair of the meeting.
  • Minutes of the open session of all Board meetings are available one week following their approval from either the Board office or Communications and Stakeholder Relations

Addressing a meeting of the board

  1. Any individual or group wishing to address the Board of Directors must submit written notice of the request at least two weeks prior to the meeting date to the Board Office.
  2. The request must include a brief description of the specific matter to be addressed which can be included in the Board information package if approved by the Chair of the Board.
  3. The Chair of the Board will review the request and the group or individual will be notified no less than one week in advance of the meeting date as to whether the request can be accommodated.
  4. Presentations must be limited to five minutes. If the address is based on the submission of a group, one person must be identified as the spokesperson for the group.
  5. Presentations will usually be heard at the beginning of the meeting and will be noted on the meeting agenda.
  6. The Board will receive agreed-to presentations but is not obligated to respond or take action.
  7. A person or group may only address the Board on a particular subject once during any 12-month period.
  8. Examples of topics that might be addressed to the Board: community concerns, ideas and support about changes to Sunnybrook services, messages of thanks, information about trends in the healthcare system

Contact information

For information on Board meetings and minutes, contact:

  • Board Office, C106, 2075 Bayview Avenue, M4N 3M5 (phone) 416-480 4111 (fax) 416-480 6033
  • Communications and Stakeholder Relations, D100, 2075 Bayview Avenue, M4N 3M5 (phone) 416-480 4040 (fax) 416-480 4588