The following books are available at the PEARL for you to browse and borrow. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, as we are constantly adding new titles. Please visit us to view our entire library.

» Titles available at the PEARL

» 1.0 Overview

1.1 EVE Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy:  how cancer is diagnosed, treated & managed. 5th ed. 2007.

» 2.0 Treatment

2.1 General
2.1 GEF Geffen, Jeremy. Journey through Cancer: healing & transforming the whole person. 2006.
2.1 ROS Rosenbaum, Ernest. Everyone's Guide  to Cancer Supportive Care: a comprehensive handbook for patients and their families. 2004. 2 copies.
2.1 WRI Wright-Roberts, Monica. Day by Day: facing the challenge of cancer: resource & support guide. 2001.
2.2 Multiple Conventional Treatments
2.3 Surgery
2.4 Chemotherapy
2.5 Radiation
2.6 Non-conventional/Alternative Treatments
2.6 AME American Cancer Society. Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies. 2009.
2.6 RIC Richardson, Rosamund. Eileen's Story: holistic approach to terminal cancer. 1997.
2.7 PAT Patt, Richard B. Complete Guide to Relieving Pain & Suffering. 2004.

» 3.0 Types of Cancer

3.1 Skin Cancer/Melanoma
3.1 WHI White, Danielle M. Only Skin Deep; programs & resources. 2007.
3.2 Prostate/Testicular Cancer
3.2 JAM Jamnickey, Leah. Canadian Guide to Prostate Cancer.
3.2 MOY Moyad, Mark A. Promoting Wellness for Prostate Cancer Patients. 2001. 2 copies.
3.3 Brain Tumors
3.3 STA Stark-Vance, Virginia. 100 Questions & Answers about Brain Tumors. 2011.
3.4 Breast Cancer
3.4 BRE Amgen. Breast Cancer & You. 2011. 
3.4 BUE Bueti, Cathy. Breastless in the City: a young woman's guide. 2009.
3.4 CAN Canadian Breast Cancer Fdn. Life After Breast Cancer Treatment.
3.4 CRE Creagan, Edward. Chicken Soup for the Soul: breast cancer.
3.4 ERI Ericksen, Julia A. Taking Charge of Breast Cancer. 2008.
3.4 HAR Hart, Judy. Love, Judy: letters of hope and healing for women with breast cancer. 1993.
3.4 KEL Kelly, Pat. What You Need to Know about Breast Cancer. 2006. 6 copies.
3.4 LEI Leifer, Debbie. Just a Lump in the Road: reflections of young breast cancer survivors. 2008.
3.4 LOV Love, Susan M. Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book. 2010. 2 copies.
3.4 MAI Maisano, Gina. Intimacy after Breast Cancer. 2010.
3.4 MUR Murphy, Beth. Fighting for Our Future: young women & breast cancer. 2003.
3.4 OLI Olivotto, Ivo. Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer. 2006. 2 copies.
3.4 PEL Peltason, Ruth. I am NOT my Breast Cancer. 2008.
3.4 SIL Silver, Marc. Breast Cancer Husband: How to help your wife (& yourself). 2001.
3.4 TOC Tocher, Michelle. How to Ride a Dragon: women with breast cancer tell their stories. 2001.
3.4 ZNA Znaimer, Libby. In Cancer Land: living well is the best revenge. 2007.
3.5 Lymphoma
3.5 BAR Bardia, Aditya. Patients' Guide to Lymphoma. 2011. 2 copies.
3.6 Lung Cancer
3.6 SCH Schiller, Joan H. 100 Questions & Answers about Lung Cancer. 2010.
3.7 Bowel/Colon/Rectal Cancer
3.7 POC Pochapin, Mark. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Colorectal Cancer. 2004.
3.8 Leukemia
3.8 BAL Ball, Edward D. 100 Questions & Answers about Leukemia. 2013.
3.8 GOT Gotlib, Jason. 100 Questions & Answers about Myelodysplastic Syndromes. 2008.
3.8 MOR Morrison, Candis. Patients’ Guide to Leukemia. 2011.
3.9 Ovarian/Uterine Cancer
3.9 DIA Diaz-Montes, Teresa P. Patients' Guide to Uterine Cancer. 2010. 2 copies.
3.9 DIZ Dizon, Don S. 100 Questions & Answers about Uterine Cancer. 2011.
3.9 OVA Ovarian Cancer Canada. By Your Side: a woman's guide. 2015. 4 copies.
3.9 OVA Ovarian Cancer Canada. You are not Alone. 2003. 2 copies. Copy 2 has CD.
3.10 Bladder
3.10 ELL Ellsworth, Pamela. 100 Questions & Answers about Bladder Cancer. 2011.
3.10 GOZ Gonzalo, Mark L. Patients' Guide to Bladder Cancer. 2011.
3.11 Stomach/Esophagus/Gastric
3.11 DUN Duncan, Mark D. Patients' Guide to Cancer of the Stomach & Esophagus. 2011. 3 copies.
3.11 SHA Shah, Manish A. 100 Questions & Answers about Gastric Cancer. 2008.
3.12 Liver/Pancreatic/Kidney
3.12 CAM Campbell, Steven C. 100 Questions & Answers about Kidney Cancer. 2009.
3.12 KID Kidney Cancer Canada. Living with Kidney Cancer.
3.12 ORE O'Reilly, Eileen. 100 Questions & Answers about Pancreatic Cancer. 2010.
3.12 AHU Ahuja, Nita. Patients' Guide to Pancreatic Cancer.2012.
3.13 Head & Neck Cancer
3.13 GOU Gourin, Christine G. Patient's Guide to Head & Neck Cancer. 2011.

» 4.0 Emotional & Coping Issues

4.1 General
4.1 BEN Benirschke, Rolf. Embracing Life: great comebacks from Ostomy surgery. 2009.
4.1 HOP Hopko, Derek. A Cancer Patient's Guide to Overcoming Depression & Anxiety. 2007.
4.1 KEL Kelly, Pat. Leadership from the Heart: guide for cancer self-help groups. 2000.
4.1 SIL Silver, Julie, ed. What Helped Me Through: cancer survivors share wisdom and hope. 2009.
4.1 SMI Smith, Annie. Bearing up with Cancer. 2004.
4.1 WHI White, Craig, A. Positive Options for Living with your Ostomy: self-help & treatment. 2002.
4.2 Mind-Body
4.2 BOL Bolen, Jean. Close to the Bone: life-threatening illness & the search for meaning. 1996.
4.2 BUC Buckman, Robert. Cancer is a word, not a sentence: a guide to help you through the first few weeks. 2006.
4.2 CUN Cunningham, Alastair J. Can the Mind Heal Cancer? A clinician-scientist examines the evidence. 2005.
4.2 CUN Cunningham, Alastair. The Healing Journey. 2000.
4.2 DAV Davis, Martha. Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook.
4.6 Life Stories
4.6 ARM Armstrong, Lance. It's Not about the Bike: my journey back to life. 2001.
4.6 BAR Barrie, Barbara. Second Act: life after colostomy. 1997.
4.6 BEN Benirschke, Rolf. Alice & Kicking:how an NFL survived ulcerative colitis & ostomy surgery. 1996.
4.6 BOW Bowden, Leslie. Magical Story: a teenager's inspiring battle with Hodgkin's disease. 2002.
4.6 CAR Carr, Kris. Crazy, Sexy Cancer Survivor. 2008.
4.6 COL Cole, Carol Ann. Comfort Heart. 2001. 5 copies.
4.6 FEI Feist, Daniel. Cancer: my story. 2006.
4.6 GOS Gosling, Doug. Wolf at My Door: cancer in my body, cancer in my mind. 2009.
4.6 JOR Jordan, Hamilton. No Such Thing as a Bad Day. 2000.
4.6 LAN Lance Armstrong Fdn. Livestrong: inspirational stories from cancer survivors from diagnosis & beyond. 2005.
4.6 MAR Marchetto, Marisa. Cancer Vixen. 2006.
4.6 McIMcIntyre, Barbara. Dare to Hope: my triumph over cancer. 2004.
4.6 MIC Michael, Jan. Flying Crooked: a story of accepting cancer. 2005.
4.6 PAR Parks, Carolyn. Eye of the Dragon: women, cancer & courage. 2004.
4.6 RUB Rubin, Aviva. Lost and Found in Lympholand. 2015. 3 copies.
4.6 TES Tesluk, Alexander. Hope is my Absolute: my journey with Acute Monocytic Leukemia. 2010.
4.7 Humour
4.7 FEN Fenwick, Catherine. Healing with Humour: a laughter first aid kit. 1995. 2 copies.

» 5.0 Family & Relationships

5.1 ROS Rosenthal, Kairol. Everything Changes: Insider's guide to cancer in your 20s & 30s. 2009. 2 copies.
5.4 Childhood Cancer
5.4 CLA Clarke, Juanne. N. Finding Strength: mother and daughter's story of childhood cancer. 1999.
5.5 Family Member or Friend with Cancer
5.5 HAM Hamilton, Joan. When a Parent is Sick: helping parents explain serious illness to children. 2003. 3 copies.
5.5 LIV Live, Love, Laugh: Joanne's blog. 2006.
5.5 VAN Van Dernoot, Peter. Helping Your Children Cope with Your Cancer: a guide for parents & families. 2006.

» 6.0 Nutrition & Diet

6.0 BAR Barnard, N. Cancer Survivor's Guide.
6.0 GER Gerson, Charlotte. The Gerson Therapy: proven nutritional program for cancer & other illnesses. 2006.
6.0 LaM LaMantia, Jean. Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook. 2012. 4 copies.
6.0 MEC Mecklinger, Elise. Goes Down Easy: recipes during cancer treatment. 2006.
6.0 WEI Weihofen, Donna. Easy-to-Swallow, Easy-to-Chew Cookbook. 2002.

» 7.0 Bereavement/Palliative Care

7.1 DOK Doka, Kenneth, ed. Living with Grief When Illness is Prolonged. 1997.
7.1 FOL Foley, Kathleen, ed. When the Focus is on Care: palliative care and cancer. 2005.
7.4 Supporting Someone Who is Dying
7.4 COL Collett, Merrill. At Home with Dying: a Zen hospice approach. 1999.
7.4 GAL Gallant, Susanne. If Only: but for one more moment . . . in home palliative care. 2011.
7.4 MAR Mars, Julie. A Month of Sundays: searching for the Spirit and my sister. 2005.

» 8.0 Personal Growth

8.1 REM Remen, Rachel. Little Book of Kitchen Table Wisdom. 2007.
8.2 Sex & Intimacy
8.2 KAT Katz, Anne. Breaking the Silence on Cancer and Sexuality: a handbook for healthcare providers. 2007.
8.2 KAT Katz, Anne. Men, Cancer, Sex. 2010.
8.2 KAT Katz, Anne. Women, Cancer, Sex. 2009.
8.2 KYD Kydd, Sally. Intimacy after Cancer: a woman's guide. 2006. 4 copies.

» 9.0 Survival - Life After Cancer

9.0 CAN Canfield, Jack. Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul. 1996.
9.0 HAR Harpham, Wendy. Happiness in a Storm: facing illness & embracing life as a healthy survivor. 2005.
9.0 MAG Magee, Sherri. Picking Up the Pieces: moving forward after surviving cancer. 2005.
9.0 NES Nessim, Susan. Can Survive: reclaiming your life after cancer. 2000.
9.0 ROS Rosenbaum, Ernest H. Everyone's Guide to Cancer Survivorship: a road map for better health. 2007. 2 copies.
9.0 TOL Tolbert, Page. 100 Questions & Answers about life after Cancer: a survivor's guide. 2008.

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» Materials for patients & families


Call Number

100 Questions & Answers about Advanced and Metastatic Breast Cancer /

WP870 .B8494 2009

100 Questions & Answers about Breast Cancer /

WP870 .B7465 2009

100 Questions & Answers about Cancer Symptoms and Cancer Treatment Side Effects /

QZ200 .K29 2011

100 Questions & Answers about Prostate Cancer /

WJ752 .E47 2009

100 Questions and Answers about Triple Negative Breast Cancer /

WP870 .A544 2012

After Cancer Care: the Definitive Self-care Guide to Getting and Staying Well for Patients After Cancer /

QZ266 .L555 2015

After You Hear It's Cancer: A Guide to Navigating the Difficult Journey Ahead /

QZ201 .L525 2015

Bald Is Better With Earrings: A Survivor's Guide to Getting Through Breast Cancer /

WP870.H984 2015

Cancer Clinical Trials : a Commonsense Guide to Experimental Cancer Therapies and Clinical Trials /

QZ16 .B415 2012

Cancer Fighting Diet: Diet and Nutrition Strategies to Help Weaken Cancer Cells and Improve Treatment Results /

QZ266 .C881 2015

Colon & Rectal Cancer : from Diagnosis to Treatment /

WI529 .R931 2012

End of Illness /

W61 .A38 2011

Exercises for Cancer Wellness: Restoring Energy and Vitality While Fighting Fatigue /

QZ266 .SM642 2015

Johns Hopkins Medicine Patients' Guide to Cervical Cancer /

WP480 .M131 2011

Johns Hopkins Medicine Patients' Guide to Kidney Cancer /

WJ358 .W155 2011

Johns Hopkins Medicine Patients' Guide to Prostate Cancer /

WJ752 .B964 2011

Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide to Bladder Cancer /

WJ504 .G643 2011

Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide to Brain Cancer /

WL358 .G549 2012

Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide to Ovarian Cancer /

WP322 .S165 2009

Johns Hopkins Patients' Guide to Uterine Cancer /

WP458 .D542 2010

Learn to Live Through Cancer : What You Need to Know and Do /

QZ200 .F596 2011

Living Well Beyond Breast Cancer : a Survivor's Guide for when Treatment Ends and the Rest of Your Life Begins /

WP870 .W396 2010

Managing Prostate Cancer: A Guide for Living Better /

WJ762 .R845 2015

Melanoma Skin Cancer : What You Need to Know-- Now /

WR500 .M518 2012

New Generation Breast Cancer Book: How to Navigate Your Diagnosis and Treatment Options-and Remain Optimistic-in An Age of Information Overload /

WP807 .P839 2015

Patient's Guide to Cancer Symptom Management /

QZ200 .B877 2011

Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and Other Deadly Killers! : Dr. Vijaya Nair How to Prevent and Reverse the Hidden Cause of Our Most Devastating Diseases /

QZ150 .N158 2011

Preventing Cancer: Reducing the Risks /

QZ200 .P944 2015

Prostate Cancer and the MAN You Love: Supporting and Caring for Your Partner /

WJ752 .K11 2012

Sun, Skin and Health /

WR500 .S632 2014

Turning Off Breast Cancer: A Personalized Approach to Nutrition and Detoxification in Prevention And Healing /

QZ266 .C431 2015

Understanding Lung Cancer: An Introduction for Patients and Caregivers /

WF658 .A398 2014

You Can Conquer Cancer: A New Way of Living /

QZ266 .G284 2013


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