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About the centre

Sunnybrook’s Breastfeeding Centre of Excellence improves outcomes for the most at-risk, sickest babies and mothers.

We create best practices through clinical care, collaboration, patient oriented research and education. Our goal is to develop and disseminate breastfeeding best practices to promote the exclusivity and duration of breastfeeding for all infants with a particular focus on micro-premature infants.

This webpage is a resource for clinicians, educators and researchers. If you are a patient, get breastfeeding resources and information »

We will increase networking and collaboration among clinicians, educators and researchers with expertise in breastfeeding by:

  • Developing leading edge research findings that are relevant to clinicians, educators and breastfeeding women.
  • Creating research partnerships between universities and other health sciences centres.
  • Establishing training that promotes patient oriented, multidisciplinary approaches to care.
  • Accelerating the exchange of research results among users.
  • Creating functional multidisciplinary research teams.
  • Creating opportunities for innovative breastfeeding education, research and practice.
  • Increasing Sunnybrook’s visibility and reputation as a leader in breastfeeding care, research and education

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