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Meet Sunnybrook's Veteran Heroes

In the past, they were fighting for our freedom. In the present, we continue to honour and remember their sacrifices. Throughout time, they’ve always been — and always will be — our heroes.

Below, view photos of eight veteran heroes who are now residents of Sunnybrook's Veterans Centre.

Project published November 2021. Photography by Kevin Van Paassen.

George Branchaud

George Branchaud, 80 years old. Served in the Cold War, Royal Canadian Navy.
Jerry Nesvadba

Jerry Nesvadba, 94 years old. Served in WWII, Czechoslovak Army.

Joseph Lariviere

Joseph Lariviere, 89 years old. Served in the Korean War, Royal Canadian Army.
Selena Webster

Selena Webster, 96 years old. Served in WWII, Royal Canadian Army.
Valentina Belianskaia

Valentina Belianskaia, 99 years old. Served in WWII, Russian Armed Forces.

Arkadii Novokolskii

Arkadii Novokolskii, 100 years old. Served in WWII, Russian Armed Forces.

Rene Cornelissen

Rene Cornelissen, 95 years old. Served in WWII, Royal Netherlands East Indies Air Force.
Sung-Kyoo Kim

Sung-Kyoo Kim, 90 years old. Served in the Korean War, Korean Army.

Sunnybrook is proud to be home to Canada’s largest Veterans Centre. Here, we have the privilege of caring for over 300 of Canada’s war heroes who served in the Second World War and the Korean War.

Every Remembrance Day, we have a special opportunity to acknowledge our appreciation to those who have strengthened our country with their example of courage, service and sacrifice.

We remember all the men and women past and present, who courageously volunteered for the cause of freedom and peace.

Thank you for your dedication and service to Canada.

Lest we forget.

Photography by Kevin Van Paassen
Text by Kathleen Nimigon and Nadia Radovini.

Project published November 2021.