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Drug reimbursement

For some patients, the financial cost of medication can be overwhelming. In Ontario, coverage of cancer drugs is complex and can be confusing.

Drug Reimbursement Specialists are available to help you access financial assistance for medications that may not be covered through the Ontario Drug Benefit Program.

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We can:

  • assist and advocate for you, on your behalf, to your insurance company
  • connect you with community and government agencies
  • connect you with pharmaceutical compassionate funds that provide financial assistance for medications.

Drug Reimbursement Specialist services are part of your care at the Odette Cancer Centre. You do not need a referral from your doctor.

Visit us at TG-230 (on the ground floor of the Odette Cancer Centre). Call us at 416-480-4623.

Video resources

Tony D'Alessandro, a patient of the Odette Cancer Centre, shares his tips for other patients on how to pay for expensive cancer drugs.

Alison Chambers and Deana Slater are drug reimbursement specialists who can help you find ways to pay for the cost of drugs. Watch below to learn more about the drug reimbursement program for cancer patients.


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