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Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care - TECC

Tory Regional Trauma Centre - Facts and Stats

  • Serving greater Toronto area and south central Ontario
  • The base hospital for south central Ontario air ambulance and Metropolitan Toronto land paramedics
  • Last year:
    • 1048 trauma patients were admitted
    • More than 1 in 5 trauma patients suffered stabbing or gunshot wounds
    • Bicycling or other recreational activities accounted for less than 7% of all traumas
    • Survival rate for trauma patients was 90%

P.A.R.T.Y (Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth) Program

Developed by the RBC First Office for Injury Prevention in 1986, it educates thousands of senior and junior high school students every year about the consequences of risk-taking and how to make smart choices. The RBC First Office for Injury Prevention has also developed a senior pedestrian education and awareness program and a burn prevention program for adults called DareDevil

Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care

Sunnybrook's Trauma, Emergency & Critical Care (TECC) Program is the largest single-site critical care resource in Ontario and home to Canada's first and largest regional trauma centre. Since 1976, the Regional Trauma Centre has been caring for the most seriously injured patients in the province. Nurses care for patients suffering from the worst types of injuries who cannot be cared for anywhere else. Patients arrive by land and air ambulance from over 80 referring hospitals around the province.

Sunnybrook works closely with pre-hospital care specialists and is a leader in disaster preparedness, which means managing everything from chemical spills to subway crashes, disease outbreaks and pedestrian injuries.

TECC Units

Emergency Department
Our brand new, state of the art, Emergency Department (ED) sees over 42,000 patients a year. The Sunnybrook is a regional trauma, stroke and cancer centre that provides tertiary care to patients who are some of the most acutely ill and severely injured in the GTA.

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Critical Care Unit  (CRCU)
Our 20-bed Critical Care Unit (CRCU) is part of Canada's first and largest regional trauma unit, and a recognized national leader in patient care, research and education. Our patient population includes patients requiring Level III care, specifically trauma, neuro-trauma, medical-surgical, and critical care oncology.

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Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit  (CVICU)
The Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit is a 13-bed unit and is included under the TECC Program. Nurses working in the CVICU care for Level III, critically ill patients requiring post-operative cardiovascular and vascular care.

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Ross Tilley Burn Centre  (RTBC)

The Ross Tilley Burn Centre (RTBC) is a state-of-the-art facility providing tertiary care for burn injury patients. It is the only program of its kind in the province providing a wide range of services from admission to follow-up and reconstructive surgery. Advances in burn care developed by Sunnybrook experts over the last two decades have helped to improve burn treatment.

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Medical/Surgical Critical Care Unit  (D4 ICU)
The 8 bed Level II Medical/Surgical Critical Care Unit (D4ICU) provides care for patients that require advanced hemodynamic monitoring and support.

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Neurosurgical/Trauma Critical Care Unit  (B5 ICU)
The 10 bed Level II Neurosurgical/Trauma Critical Care Unit (B5 ICU) provides care for patients that require advanced hemodynamic monitoring and support

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Trauma Unit  (C5)
Nurses working in the Trauma Unit (C5) care for acutely ill patients with multi-system, traumatic injuries. Patients are admitted to this unit via the Emergency Department, Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU), or Critical Care. The primary functions of the nurse include assessment, intervention, and communication within a patient-centered environment.

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Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical Unit  (D5)
Patients are admitted to this Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical unit on D5 from the Pre-Admission Centre, Emergency Department, Critical Care and peripheral hospitals. This dynamic 36 bed unit offers nurses a diverse and comprehensive surgical working experience and a great learning experience for new graduate nurses.

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Rapid Response Team
The Rapid Response Team also known as ‘Medical Emergency Teams' or ‘Critical Care Outreach Teams' are a major innovation in hospital practice. It is a multidisciplinary team, consisting of an intensivist, a critical care nurse, and a respiratory therapist. The team brings critical care expertise to the bedside of clinically deteriorating patients in acute care and is responsible for stabilizing the patient's condition and integrating his/her care with the primary care team.

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