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I came to Canada in 2012 with a diploma in nursing. My journey with Sunnybrook started in 2015. After I’d completed my RPN (Registered Practical Nurse) diploma, I had the opportunity to volunteer in the Geriatric Day Hospital. While volunteering, I wrote my RPN exam, and my next goal was to get a job at Sunnybrook.

It was overwhelming at times: searching for a job, working to support my family, caring for my two-year-old daughter—all while settling into a new country and expecting a second child. But giving up is not in my personality, so I kept searching for the right job.

I applied for a temporary position at Sunnybrook, in Same Day Surgery, and while I was there to meet with the hiring manager, I also met Ramona Hackett, who was the educator at that time for peri-anesthesia nursing. Ramona listened to me when I told her how passionate I was about starting my career and working for Sunnybrook and she was the person who guided me to the right path and referred me to the hiring manager.

I was hired as an RPN in the Same Day Surgery unit, a temporary position that led to full time. It was a really proud and happy moment for me and for my family.

Ever since then, Sunnybrook has provided me with so many opportunities to excel in my career. My dream was to be an RN, so I enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program in 2018 and received a scholarship from Sunnybrook.

Sunnybrook has given me so many opportunities to grow in my nursing career: I am RPN student and I am also collaborating with CARE for internationally-educated nurses, to support a job shadowing program.

Anita talks to a patient she is caring for at Sunnybrook

I am currently working on my RPN to RN (registered nurse) bridging program and completing my final consolidation in the CICU. My goal is to complete a Masters in Nursing degree and become an Advance Practice Nurse at Sunnybrook.

It takes lot of dedication, hard work and self-confidence to achieve your dreams. Thank you to all my mentors, to my family and to Sunnybrook for the endless support and love.