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Cancer doesn't wait. Neither should your patients.

We offer colonoscopies and colorectal cancer consultations within one week of referral, guaranteed. 

Earlier detection, smaller incisions, faster recovery.

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Evidence in support of minimally invasive techniques for colorectal cancer surgeries

“Long-term outcomes indicate that laparoscopic surgery is as safe and effective as open surgery in patients with rectal cancers….”
– New England Journal of Medicine (April 2015)

“In selected patients with rectal cancer treated by skilled surgeons, laparoscopic surgery resulted in similar safety, resection margins, and completeness of resection to that of open surgery, and recovery was improved after laparoscopic surgery.”
The Lancet Oncology (February 2013)

“A novel surgical approach to APR that has the potential to both decrease perineal complications and provide excellent oncologic results.”
Surgical Endoscopy (October 2015)

“Consensus … of Canadian experts in MIS and surgery of the colon and rectum that addresses the role this technology should play in treatment and also considers advocacy and resources.”
– Surgical Endoscopy (August 2013)

“Our results show that laparoscopic resection for locally advanced rectal cancer after preoperative chemoradiotherapy provides similar outcomes for disease-free survival as open resection…”
– The Lancet Oncology (June 2014)

“In this multi-institutional study, the rates of recurrent cancer were similar after laparoscopically assisted colectomy and open colectomy, suggesting that the laparoscopic approach is an acceptable alternative to open surgery for colon cancer.”
– The New England Journal of Medicine (May 2004)

Education and training

Dr. Ashamalla and Dr. Fenech provide surgical training for University of Toronto medical students, surgical residents and oncology fellows. In the Sunnybrook sim centre, Dr. Ashamalla uses advanced simulation technologies and three-dimensional virtual reality and box simulator training for laparoscopy both to med students and to practicing surgeons.

» Guidelines followed by Sunnybrook surgeons

Upcoming courses for practicing surgeons

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Videos of minimally invasive surgeries

Note: the educational videos below may be too graphic for some viewers.