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Women holding their baby

Managing labour pain

Everyone's experiences in labour are unique; what works for one mother may not be the right option for you. Our team will work with your preferred approach to working through your labour.

If you have any questions about pain relief or anesthesia during childbirth, your doctor or midwife can arrange an individual consultation with an anesthesiologist.

Natural methods


  • Have a few different types of playlists/CDs on hand - sometimes relaxing music is very helpful, other times you may want something more upbeat.
  • Experiment with different types of lighting
  • Drink plenty of fluids and eat snacks like toast and tea. Remember, being nauseated in labour is unpleasant but normal



  • Soak in a shower, jacuzzi or tub bath
  • Take a warm shower with water flowing on your belly or back.
  • Make sure you have help getting in and out of the tub


  • Have your support person massage your lower back, using constant pressure during contractions
  • Try light stroking or circling movement on your belly
  • Between contractions you may like someone to massage your hands, feet, neck or shoulders.
  • Try a variety of tools like hands, a rolling pin, or tennis balls. Massage oil can also be helpful.


  • Use different positions while you are having a contraction – leaning against a wall or your support person, squatting, kneeling or on all fours.
  • Find a balance between rest and activity.

Medical options


Information about anesthesia during childbirth, including epidurals and spinals, can be found here.