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Current volunteers

Highlights of the Volunteer Engagement Survey completed in June 2016

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Volunteer Engagement

In June 2016 volunteers on all sites were asked to complete an Engagement Survey. 737 volunteers completed the survey = 62% response rate. Volunteers were asked about six main themes.

Where we excelled


93% feel those with whom they volunteer work collaboratively

"I have not been volunteering at Sunnybrook very long, but it feels like not only a team but a ‘family’."

"Everyone always comes ready to work, and on days when members of the team are missing, we work together to ensure that the task gets completed in a timely matter."

Culture & Sense of Pride

95% are proud of what they do and proud to share with others that they volunteer at Sunnybrook

"I am truly proud of my contributions. I did not anticipate that volunteering would be as rewarding"

"Honoured to volunteer at this highly regarded hospital"

Training & Development 

96% feel they have been provided with sufficient orientation and training for their role

Working (Volunteering) Environment

97% feel positive about their volunteer experience at Sunnybrook

"When I see other volunteers working with patients I always feel proud to be part of the team. It is a truly rewarding and satisfying experience"

"Volunteering at the hospital is a pleasure"

Where we can do better

Information & Communication 

80% Ensure relevant and important information is shared with volunteers, including changes in your department.


82% Ensure volunteer roles are fulfilling and engaging. Provide volunteers with direction and support in order to help them be successful in their role.  


The key finding was that informal day-to-day recognition is most meaningful.

87% Verbal in-the-moment "Thank you's" and gratitude expressed by patients, families and staff are the most meaningful

52% Formal recognition events

What you can do to ensure volunteers feel engaged, and appreciated:
  • Welcome and call volunteers by name.
  • Smile and say “thank you”
  • Support them by providing them with guidance and direction, and respond to their questions.
  • Provide volunteers with feedback about their role.

Volunteers are a precious Sunnybrook commodity. As volunteer trends change, Volunteer Resources will work in partnership with the hospital, to optimize the contributions of volunteers.

Let’s make Sunnybrook the hospital of choice for volunteering!