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Simulator-Based Research in Education

There is currently a simulator-based research study in obstetrical anesthesia being conducted at the Canadian Simulation Centre for Human Performance and Crisis Management Training at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. This study focuses on team training and assessment of non-technical skills in obstetrical anesthesia, and is associated with the Obstetrical Anesthesia Research Unit.

Obstetrical Anesthesia Research Unit (OARU)

The Obstetric Anesthesia Research Unit is the first research unit in Canada specifically dedicated to knowledge generation and transfer of evidence-based clinical practices in obstetrical anesthesia. Its purpose is to expand the knowledge base of high quality research evidence and to disseminate that knowledge through education. Several significant studies are currently being conducted in clinical research as well as research in education. OARU was originally developed at Women's College Hospital and is affiliated with the University of Toronto.

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Division of Obstetrical Anesthesia

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