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Clinics & Clinical Care

We are a key partner of the Odette Cancer Centre (OCC). Our 20 medical oncologists and 13 hematologists provide care in a multidisciplinary outpatient setting with over 4,800 new patients and 24,000 chemotherapy visits annually. More than 40 chemotherapeutic regimens have been introduced over the last decade, demonstrating the great advances that have been made in the adjuvant, metastatic and targeted therapy areas.

Our team provides leading clinical care to our patients. Our clinical trial programs offer many patients from all tumour sites the opportunity to participate in leading edge research and care options. Through our knowledge translation research programs, our clinician scientists bring their research to the bedside.

Programs such as the Myelodysplastic Syndrome Program, the Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Program, and the PYNK program for young women with breast cancer provide patients with focused, leading-edge care. The presence of ethicist Dr. Scott Berry in the Division allows a focus on end of life care.

Many of these programs are unique in Canada, and are among the ways Sunnybrook is leading the future of cancer care.


All of our clinics, including the Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Locally Advanced Breast Cancer, and Young Women with Breast Cancer Program (PYNK), take place through the Odette Cancer Centre.

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Medical Oncology & Malignant Hematology Division

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