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Clinical Services & Programs

We offer the following patient services:

Complex Combined Upper Extremity Clinic

Our monthly clinic is a collaboration of specialists who provide multidisciplinary treatment for patients with complex peripheral nerve injuries. We see patients with injuries to nerves, the brachial plexus (series of nerves in the shoulder) and spinal cord. The goal is to evaluate whether potential surgical procedures can improve function.

Core specialists

  • plastic surgeons: specialize in hand and upper limb surgery, hand injuries and peripheral nerve surgery
  • physiatrist: focuses on diagnostic testing (electromyography and testing of nerve and muscle function) and specializes in strategies to improve function and restorative movement

The team also includes trainees from a variety of specialties.

What patients can expect

  • Patients see core specialists at one appointment instead of travelling to many locations. Nerve and muscle testing is often performed at the time of the visit.
  • Core specialists collaboratively assess patients offer optimal non-surgical, or surgical treatment options.


Some patients do not need surgery if spontaneous recovery is proceeding on its own. For others, surgery may be beneficial. When offered, surgery may include:

  • A nerve graft, which is a procedure where part of the nerve that is damaged is replaced with a section of a healthy, less important/unrelated nerve.
  • A nerve transfer, which is a procedure where a donor nerve from a redundant muscle is transferred to take over for an injured nerve in order to restore arm or hand movement.

Refer a patient

Fax: 416 480-6757
Direct line: 416 480-6731
Monthly clinic held in M-Wing, 1st floor, Room 500
2075 Bayview Avenue

Craniofacial Clinic

The Craniofacial Clinic is a leader in management for patients with injuries, tumours, and jaw deformities. Patients may have their doctor refer them to the clinic by sending a referral by fax to: 416-480-4950. Learn more about this program.

Skin Cancer Clinics

The Division of Plastic Surgery is a partner with the Melanoma Care Group. The Melanoma Clinic has a multidisciplinary team for patients with skin tumours that are melanomas or at risk of being a melanoma. Get more information.

The Skin Clinic is for patients with basal cell, squamous cell and other similar skin malignancies. Get more information on our Skin Cancer Clinics. Need a referral to one of our clinics? Learn more.