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Make a donation to Spinal Research

Our Spine Program is actively pursuing research towards improving patient outcomes, in developing new treatment approachs for patients with cancer spread to the spine and in understanding degenerative processes leading to back pain. Your support for the development of a Chair in Spinal Surgery will help us fulfill this mandate.

An international initiative is The SHOTE Program (Sunnybrook Hadassah Orthopaedic Trauma Exchange) where collaboration between these two centers in Canada and in Israel facilitates education for trainees and combined research projects where each individual center has unique strengths.

Donations can be made to any of these initiatives and are greatly appreciated. Your support will benefit ongoing spinal research and education at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre. Please click here to learn more about ways to give.

Please indicate your directed donation is in support of the Chair in Spinal Surgery or to the SHOTE program.