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How do I start Advance Care Planning?

There are several steps you can take if you would like to begin your advance care plan.

THINK about whats right for you in the final months or days of your life.

LEARN about your medical condition and medical procedures. Some medical procedures and treatments may improve your quality of life, others may not.

CHOOSE your decision maker, the person who will make medical decisions for you when you cannot make them yourself.

TALK about your wishes with family, close friends, your doctor and healthcare providers.

RECORD your wishes in writing, on video, or in any manner you choose.

UPDATE your record when you change your wishes.


  • Canada has a national campaign to encourage all Canadians to think about preparing an Advance Care Plan. It is called “Speak Up”:
  • The Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario provides a booklet that will help you complete a Power of Attorney for Personal Care and for Property (finance). This allows you to choose the person you want to make decisions for you. You can obtain a copy at