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Research at the Holland Bone and Joint Program

Innovation keeps us moving forward. In our case here at the Holland Bone and Joint Program – we mean that both figuratively and literally.

Musculoskeletal conditions have a major impact on our function and independence.

As part of a teaching and research hospital, our program benefits from the expertise and knowledge of many internationally-recognized scientists and investigators conducting research in key areas of musculoskeletal medicine, including arthritis and arthroplasty, musculoskeletal injury and bone metastases.

At Sunnybrook, our main aims are to understand and prevent disease, and to develop diagnostics and precise treatments that enhance and extend life.

Many of our experts in the Holland Bone and Joint Program are involved in clinical research throughout all levels of care, often making discoveries and bringing them to the clinic where they can directly benefit patients.

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What is clinical research?

At its most basic, clinical research is research that is carried out on people, whether they be sick or healthy:

  • It allows us to study people or data, to help us find better ways to detect, diagnose, treat and prevent disease;
  • It helps us make decisions – better-informed ones – to improve patient care in healthcare; and,
  • It helps us to improve our knowledge of health and diseases, develop innovative techniques to diagnose and treat, and invent medical devices.

Participation in clinical research - a clinical trial/research study

Our patients can often expect to be approached about a research study while receiving care in our program. Participation in research is always completely voluntary. If you decide not to participate in research, your care will not be affected in any way. If you agree to discuss research, a research assistant may speak with you during your appointment(s).

If you have any questions regarding research, please speak with your healthcare team. We are committed to supporting evidence-based practice to improve the care our patients receive.

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