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Innovations That Save Lives

We are answering the "what ifs" that will forever change health care at Sunnybrook and around the world.

Trauma, Emergency & Critical Care

What if... people never bled to death?

Trauma surgery

We're testing new ways to stop massive bleeding in trauma victims. Learn more

Brain Sciences Program

What if... the effects of Alzheimer’s disease could be stopped?

Brain research

Research shows that new brain cells can be harnessed to improve its function. Learn more

Schulich Heart Centre

What if... blocked arteries could become unblocked?

Heart surgery

We're testing a new application for an old enzyme to slide through coronary blockages. Learn more

Odette Cancer Centre

What if... prostate cancer treatment never caused impotence?

Patient and doctor talking

We're using ultrasound to kill tumours without harming adjacent tissue. Learn more


What if... a destroyed immune system could be rebuilt?


By growing the building blocks of the immune system, we can help those suffering from autoimmune diseases. Learn more

Women & Babies Program

What if... a breech delivery could be made safer?

Pregnant woman

We've been proving to the world that cesarean section is, by far, the safest method of breech delivery. Learn more

Veterans Program

What if... our war heroes lived out their days in dignity and comfort?


Our unique, globally recognized approach to veteran care engages our residents in creative therapy programs. Learn more

When a life is on the line, Sunnybrook is there. Providing life-saving care at the most critical times. Taking on the greatest public health threats facing us today. Breaking new ground in medical innovation faster than ever before.

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