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Medical Device Reprocessing Centre (MDRC)

The MDRC department provides cleaning, decontamination, packaging, sterilizing, storage (reprocessing) and delivery of reusable medical devices throughout Sunnybrook's Bayview Campus and Holland Centre.

This service is provided 24/7 through 70 highly trained and qualified staff in the field of reprocessing of medical devices. This service is provided within standards that are mandated by CSA, Accreditation Canada, AORN CSGNA and ISO for reprocessing of medical devices. To accomplish this, the MDRC department employs innovative technology which includes washer disinfectors, steam sterilizers, Sterrad and ethylene oxide for low temperature products and endoscopic washers at point of use. The service uses a sophisticated T-Doc tracking system to quality assure each of the 1.1 million pieces of equipment processed yearly and has provided 100% clean and sterile product 100% of the time.

The department and its management and front line staff constantly provide expertise to accommodate research and development to support innovative products invented at Sunnybrook. As well, the team provides expertise into the reprocessing of single use N95 masks and development of a snorkel mask system. The department provides a flexible environment for staff development and innovation for the reprocessing filed.