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Sunnybrook Mindfulness

Sunnybrook Mindfulness, a program of the University of Toronto and Sunnybrook, was founded to provide excellence and leadership in mindfulness-based clinical care, education and research within a secular, psychologically based framework.

Not only are mindfulness-based therapies emerging as valuable psychotherapies, mindfulness meditation is increasingly being used to enhance clinician well-being and therapeutic skill. Through its partnership with SPICE (the Sunnybrook Psychiatry Institute for Continuing Education), Sunnybrook Mindfulness's educational program is attuned to the needs of clinicians, whether they want to learn mindfulness as a treatment modality or whether they want to use mindfulness in their own self-care and development. Therefore, Sunnybrook Mindfulness offers comprehensive and innovative training in mindfulness-based therapies to clinicians learning to teach mindfulness meditation to patients/clients, but also works with clinicians who do not necessarily intend to become meditation teachers but who are looking to use mindfulness in enhancing their own well-being and their therapeutic capacities in whichever modalities of therapy they provide.

The experienced faculty of Sunnybrook Mindfulness support mental health clinicians in cultivating mature meditation practices fully integrated into their personal and professional lives. The growing array of workshops and retreats at Sunnybrook Mindfulness is refreshed and refined in an ongoing fashion, responsive to clinicians' needs and alive to the latest scientific developments. Beginner meditators and long-time meditators alike can be supported throughout their personal developmental process of cultivating mindfulness.

Upcoming workshops and retreats

  • Mindfulness-Based Group Practice

    Spring 2019
    with Kirstin Bindseil, MSW, RSW; Kate Kitchen, MSW, RSW; & Dr. Steven Selchen, MD, MSt, FRCPC
    A six-day interprofessional course for clinicians who wish to lead mindfulness-based groups

Contact information

Phone: Melissa Armstrong, administrative coordinator 416-937-1976