myHip&Knee App

Meet our newest team member: myHip&Knee

This free app can help you get ready for your hip or knee replacement surgery and keep you on track during your recovery.

myHip&Knee will:

  • Send you reminders as you prepare for surgery
  • Track your recovery after surgery
  • Give personalized feedback on how you are doing after surgery
  • Provide links to helpful information

The app has:

  • Exercise videos
  • Daily health check
  • Information about what to expect
  • Helpful pictures

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To download and use myHip&Knee, you will need:

  • An Apple or Android device
  • Your App Store username and password
  • A surgery date. The app will calculate when to start reminding you to prepare for your surgery based on the date you enter as your surgery date

Download myHip&Knee for free on your iPhone, iPad or Android device

  • Search for "myHip&Knee" in the App Store or on Google Play
  • Click "Get" or "Install"
  • Once it is installed, open the myHip&Knee app. A pop-up message will appear "myHip&Knee Would Like to Send You Notifications”. Select "OK"
  • Click “Create Account” and type in this code:
    • hollandhip (for hip replacement surgery) –or–
    • hollandknee (for knee replacement surgery)
  • Press “Get Started”
  • Enter a username and password of your choice
  • Enter your surgeon's name and your surgery date. Press “create account” and you are all set!
  • If you require any technical help, contact

Download myHip&Knee to Blackberry or Amazon devices

  • If you have a Blackberry device, ensure you have the BB10 Operating System. The Amazon App Store usually comes installed already on newer Blackberry devices. If you don't have Amazon App Store, install it off of Blackberry World.
  • Launch Amazon App Store from your device home page.
  • Search for "myHip&Knee" in the Amazon App Store. The app should appear in your results. Install the "myHip&Knee" app for free onto your Blackberry or Amazon device!
  • If you require any technical help, contact

Download on the App Store Android App available on Google Play Available at Amazon


Will I have to put my email into the app? Are you going to share it or sell it?

Your email is not required to use myHip&Knee. Sunnybrook and Seamless will not collect your email address. However, an email address is typically required for you to access the App Store.

Why do I need to put my surgery date into the app?

The app needs to know the date of your surgery so it can give you timed reminders. Based on your surgery date, the app will send you pre-surgery reminders. After your surgery, the app will begin checking in with you to track your recovery.

My surgery got cancelled and rescheduled. How do I re-start my app?

To change the date of your surgery, go to Help > Personal settings > Change surgery time. This will refresh the app based on the new surgery date.

Will my surgeon see my questionnaire or survey results?

No. The app is not designed to communicate with your surgeon. The app’s purpose is to help you stay on track in your own recovery. Based on your answers, the app will recommend if you need to contact your surgeon. If you experience increased pain, your wound isn’t healing or you are worried, please call your surgeon.

My friend had her knee replaced at another hospital. Could she use this app too?

No. This app is only for Sunnybrook Holland Centre patients.

I downloaded the app but I haven’t been getting daily reminders on my iPad. Why?

There could be a few reasons why the daily reminders aren’t being sent to you.

The daily reminders depend on your surgery date. If your surgery isn’t for awhile, the app won’t start reminding you just yet. It will begin reminding you to get ready for your surgery 18 days before the surgery date you entered into the app when you first downloaded it.

Next, you must make sure “push notifications” are turned on for myHip&Knee so you can get daily reminders on your iPad or on any Apple or Android device. On most devices, you turn on Push Notification in “Settings”.

If your surgery is within 18 days, you’ve got your push notifications turned on and and your app still isn’t notifying you, contact

If I don’t get this app, will it harm my preparation or recovery?

No. Your preparation and recovery will not be harmed if you do not have this app. Your pre-operative care and post-operative care, your discussions with your care team and your Patient Guide give you all the information you need to get ready and recover from your joint replacement surgery. The app is like a “buddy” to check in with you and is another way for you to keep track of your recovery. But, not having this app will not mean you get less or worse care.

Does this app work on Blackberry?

Maybe. This app works on Apple devices and Android operating systems. New Blackberry phones can download some Android apps.

My wound looks really red. What should I do?

If you are worried about your wound or your recovery, you should call your surgeon.

I want to stop using the app. How do I turn it off?

To stop using the app and receiving the daily notifications, open the app. Go to Help > Personal Settings > End Use of App. This causes the app to go into its "end state" and will ask you to fill out an end of app survey. It also turns off any remaining notifications. The user is free to then uninstall the application if they want.

Do you have questions about the myHip&Knee app? Please call our hospital coordinators at 416-967-8551. We will try to return your call within 2 business days.