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About bone cancer care

We provide highly specialized, evidence-based treatment and symptom control for patients who have developed bone metastases.

Our treatment is provided primarily through orthopedic surgery, radiation therapy and palliative medicine. A collaborative multidisciplinary approach is at the core of our treatment philosophy and your care team will provide you with state-of-the-art individualized care.

We also offer patient and family support services including psychosocial counseling and pain management support through palliative care. As a leader in national and international trials, our clinic provides opportunities for involvement both in research and in clinical trials.

Patients, families and visitors

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Clinics and services

We provide the following clinics relating to bone cancer care.

Knowledge and education

Learn more about bone cancer treatment, prevention and care.

Clinical trials

Please note: There are currently no clinical trials available for the bone metastases care group.


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