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Speech Language Therapy

Cancer and its treatments can affect swallowing, voice, speech, and overall quality of life. While these effects are most common for patients with head and neck cancers, these may occur with other types of cancer.

Speech Language Pathologists are professionals who can help you manage communication and swallowing issues, whether they are temporary or long- term.

Speech Language Pathologists work closely with other members of your health care team to address your individual needs, and to provide customized care including:

  • Testing your swallowing, speech, and voice (before, during, and after treatment)
  • Working with you to create a personalized rehabilitation plan
  • Helping you improve your swallowing and communication
  • Counselling and education to you and your families before and throughout your cancer treatment journey
  • Specialized instrumental assessments when needed

Speech Language Pathology services are part of your care at the Odette Cancer Centre.

If you have Speech Language Pathology questions during your hospital stay, please speak with a member of your care team for a referral.


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