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Hospital  >  Departments  >  Operating Room and Related Services  >  OR & Related Services Strategic Plan: 2021-2026

Who we are

  • 25 ORs including 1 Hybrid OR
  • Multi-site Perioperative Care
  • 120 surgeons across multiple divisions
  • Collaborative multidisciplinary team
  • Provide surgical services for Canada’s largest trauma centre and burn centre
  • Surgical services for oncology patients at the sixth largest cancer centre in North America
  • A regional hub for expertise

What we do

  • Surgical activity across two sites
  • Specialized surgical care in the areas of trauma, burns, cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • Holland Bone and Joint Program, a leading program for musculoskeletal care
  • National Surgical Quality Improvement Program
  • Championing observance of surgical standards
  • Working closely with our community partners

Vision: Lead in the transformation of Perioperative Services.

Mission: Delivering inclusive and innovative patient care when it matters most.

Over the next five years, we will:

Goal 1- Strengthen High-Performing Teams


  • Implement a Health Human Resource Strategy
  • Team effectiveness – Shared mission and vision
  • High-performing teams are aligned in their focus, purpose, and priorities
  • Create a shared sense of purpose that supports wellness
  • Celebrate wins together and take opportunities to recognize and show appreciation to others
  • Strengthen a culture of respect and civility in the workplace

Goal 2- Improve Efficiency and Productivity


  • Access and flow
  • Efficiency metrics
  • Dedicated governance/management structure
  • Data and benchmarking of best practices
  • Performance reporting metrics to all stakeholders to foster an accountable culture

Goal 3- Increase Quality and Care Experience


  • Education and research
  • Patient engagement
  • Evidence based guidelines and best practices
  • Establish Patient Safety Committee
  • Create a Multidisciplinary Perioperative Improvement team