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Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery

Research team

Dr. Andrew Dimitrijevic

Dr. Andrew Dimitrijevic, Bsc., Hon, MSc, PhD

Title: Research Director, Sunnybrook Cochlear Implant Program
Education: BSc, MSc, PhD: University of Toronto
Research Interests: Cochlear implants, hearing, EEG, brain imaging, speech in noise, cognition, aging

Brandon Paul

Dr. Brandon Paul, PhD

Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Education: PhD: McMaster University
Research Interests: Objective brain measures, electroencephalography, listening effort during speech perception, tinnitus

Varia Sajeniouk

Varia Sajeniouk, B.Sc.

Title: Research Coordinator
Education: BSc.: University of Toronto
Research Interests: Electroencephalography, cochlear implant outcomes