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President’s Anti-Racism Taskforce (PART)
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President’s Anti-Racism Taskforce (PART)

Racism in health care is a large and complex problem and Sunnybrook recognizes it’s not something that will be solved easily or quickly. The President’s Anti-Racism Taskforce (PART) was established in 2020 to focus on producing tangible and visible results that will have a broad impact.

The taskforce includes members from the hospital, Sunnybrook Foundation and Sunnybrook Research Institute.

The input and efforts from these members as champions of anti-racism at Sunnybrook will be key to sparking change within our organization, and we thank them for their efforts as the taskforce gets underway.

The first step for PART will be to establish terms of reference that align with the Ontario Health Anti-Racism Framework and the Toronto Region Anti-Racism Framework, with its vision of ensuring structural and systemic change.

PART will develop and implement an action plan with specific measures to combat racism and ensure Sunnybrook is an inclusive organization for our staff and partners, our Black, Indigenous, and racialized clients, and all communities we serve.

Terms of reference for PART as well as a list of priority projects will be shared here as they become available.

Sunnybrook staff: You can find more information about PART on Sunnynet.

Meet the co-chairs

Alicia Stewart

Alicia is a Patient Care Manager in Nephrology – Integrated Community Program, and Sunnybrook employee for over 10 years. An active contributor to staff and student mentoring, Alicia is excited to serve as PART co-chair to address racism at Sunnybrook: increase awareness, and enhance experiences for all staff, patients and visitors, and learners that embody equity, diversity, and inclusivity.


Christopher Townsend

Christopher is the Manager, Organizational Development & Leadership (OD&L) and Sunnybrook Leadership Institute (SLI); and will co-chair the taskforce combining his lived and professional experience, as an advocate of change. In OD&L, our mandate and goal is to create a culture of engagement, respect and inclusivity, that attracts professionals to our organization. Christopher serves as committee member on Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council (SEAC) and serves as a facilitator for the Schwartz Centre Rounds. Christopher is a recent graduate of the Educator Scholars Program, Centre for Faculty Development, University of Toronto and is currently enrolled in the Rotman Leadership Program. Christopher is a published author and volunteers his time as a musician, teacher and mentor in several community-based initiatives.


Laurie Legere

Laurie is the Manager of Patient Engagement and Health Equity at Sunnybrook, where she leads the implementation and evolution of Sunnybrook’s engagement strategy with an aim to improve care, research and education, and inform organizational decision making by engaging patients, caregivers and communities. She has worked for 16 years in the health care and research sectors, both in Canada and Australia, with specialization in strategic communications and community engagement, and with a focus on health as a human right.