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Our team

Our department brings together compassionate and specialized expertise in understanding and treating severe mental disorders starting in adolescence up to old age. The mental health care team varies depending on the level and area of care required, but it can include psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, navigators, research staff and administration.

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Staff Psychiatrist supervises the team and is responsible for final decisions about your care. The staff psychiatrist meets with patients individually, consults regularly with other treatment team members and attends “rounds” to review your progress.

Resident Psychiatrist is a physician who is undergoing specialty training in the field of psychiatry who helps with decisions about your care.

Team Leader is a Registered Nurse who supervises nursing staff in all aspects of patient care; problem-solves to ensure that the unit milieu is as efficient, safe and effective as possible.

Registered Nurses organize and implement a program of daily nursing care for each patient; collaborate with the team; dispense medications; assess the effectiveness of each patient’s care.

Pharmacist works with the team to provide the most appropriate medication therapy for you; monitors and reviews medications; can speak to you about managing your medications.

Social Worker helps you and your family cope with your psychiatric illness and its impact on your lives; ensures that optimal discharge planning and follow-up care arrangements are made on your behalf.

Occupational Therapist assesses your emotional, vocational, educational, physical and self-care abilities; implements a program to help prepare you for life after leaving the hospital.

Recreation Therapist facilitates opportunities for personal reflection, learning, and leisure that may help you identify strengths, values, interests, goals and resources for your health and life.

Patient Care Manager creates and maintains a supportive environment for patients, families and staff; provides team leadership; facilitates staff and team development; manages budgets and material resources; initiates and monitors quality improvement initiatives.

Advanced Practice Nurse seeks to improve care processes through evaluation and integration of nursing standards in addition to feedback from patients and families about their experiences.

Patient Administrative Associate coordinates admissions and discharges; responds to incoming calls; performs administrative duties that ensure the flow of the unit; and manages the doors.

Patient Services Partner assists patients and staff with daily routines and functioning of the unit.

Environmental Services Partner maintains the cleanliness of the unit.

In addition to these unit staff, consultation may be provided by Spiritual & Religious Care, Dietitians, and health care students.

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