Our services

Assessment and information icon.

Assessment and information:

  • Assessment of substance use history and review of available treatment options
  • Education on the risks and impacts of substance use on health
  • Information on harm-reduction, overdose prevention, and recommended low-risk guidelines
Pharmacological/medication icon.


Please Note: The only medications that are prescribed are those that treat withdrawal or reduce cravings for the substance used.

  • Medication-assisted treatment of alcohol and opioid
  • Outpatient tapering of patients on substance use (i.e., opioids, benzodiazepines, cannabis use)
  • Management of acute withdrawal (i.e., alcohol, opioids)
  • Use of naloxone (a medication used to quickly and temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose)
Resource navigation icon.

Resource navigation:

  • Support with navigating available healthcare and community resources for long-term addiction support (ie residential, outpatients, long-term counselling, group therapy)
Counselling icon.


  • Short-term individual counselling and psychotherapy (up to five sessions)
  • Single-session counselling focused on psychoeducation on substance use, support with referrals, and further resource navigation
  • Peer support counselling: Meet with a peer support worker that has experience in addiction recovery
Group program icon.

Group program:

  • Virtual drop-in peer support group programs for support in addiction recovery.
  • Program in development: Smoking Cessation and Skills-Building to Cope with Addictions