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Requirements for volunteers

A number of requirements are in place to ensure a safe and successful volunteer experience.

Vaccine requirements

COVID-19 — Volunteers must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (two shots of Canadian-approved vaccine).

Seasonal flu vaccine — May be required for some areas and roles.

Medical requirements

Medical form — Immunization status for two-step TB (Tuberculosis) skin test must be completed with your family doctor.

Time commitment and attendance

Volunteers are generally expected to commit to one 3-4 hour shift weekly, on a consistent day and time for a minimum of six months to one year. Please ensure you are able to reliably fulfill this commitment.


Participation in virtual orientation, and in-person site and role-specific training is required before you start. Ongoing training may be required for some roles.

Infection prevention and control protocols

Volunteers are expected to comply with the hospital's infection prevention and control protocols; this includes wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) provided by the hospital and determined for a specific role.

Minimum age

16 years and older — at this time we do not have positions available for high school students.