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Research & Teaching

As outlined by our strategic goals for research & education, our focus is to:

  • Create, translate and apply knowledge into clinical best practice
  • Ensure our strategic programs develop globally-recognized transformation priorities
  • Lead in the education of healthcare professionals, nation-wide


The Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is a centre for excellence in research, affiliated with the University of Toronto and based on the Sunnybrook campus. SRI works to make these strategic goals a reality, and is achieving great success on the way.


Partnering with the University of Toronto and its Peters-Boyd Academy, we offer leading medical education, nursing education & health care professional education. Each year we train over 4,000 learners in the hospital, including approximately 700 nursing students, and another 300 researchers through the SRI Education & Training programs.

We offer a unique approach to teaching; integrating medical and other health care students - such as pharmacy students - on the same patient-care teams allowing the students to enhance their understanding of each profession and build a sound teamwork philosophy. Working in real-life situations and partnering with international facilities further complements our training success.