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Medical Physics Residency Program

The two-year medical physics residency program is tailored to allow residents to achieve competence in all areas of medical physics practice. Through a combination of didactic and experiential learning, residents obtain the skills required to become qualified medical physicists. The program is accredited by CAMPEP, the Commission on the Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, and is administered by the University of Toronto Department of Radiation Oncology.


Year 1 (Y1) and Year 2 (Y2):

  • Instrumentation and Machine QA
  • Radiation Safety
  • Radiation Biology
  • Site-based Treatment Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Imaging
  • Interdisciplinary Rotation

Year 2Y2:

  • Brachytherapy
  • Specialized Machines
  • Chart Checking

The Sunnybrook Advantage

The Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre houses one of the largest radiation medicine programs in North America. Our large, academic, fast-paced program treats over 8,000 new patients annually.

  • Residents are fully integrated into the clinic, learning ‘on-the-job’ and taking on clinical responsibilities
  • Our department is a leader in transitioning to MR-based radiotherapy
  • Many of our medical physics faculty are leaders within COMP, AAPM, and provincial cancer organizations
  • Residents are encouraged to develop their leadership and communication skills by engaging in COMP, AAPM, and CARO activities
  • Medical physics faculty are actively engaged in mentorship and teaching of residents

Prospective residents who want to make an impact on the field and invent the future of healthcare, please contact our local Residency Program Director, Dr. Brian Keller, PhD., DABR, FCCPM.

Current Residents

Lingyue Sun

Lingyue Sun
Start date: September 2022

PhD: Radiation Oncology Physics at the University of Calgary
PhD Thesis: Focused on using machine learning to predict tumor control outcome for prostate cancer external beam radiotherapy patients.
Current projects: Dr Sun is assessing the accuracy of the 3D vane MRI sequences for motion reconstruction on the MRL.
Outside of work: enjoys doing puzzles, painting, and trying out new recipes.

Nathan Orlando

Nathan Orlando
Start Date: September 2022

PhD: Medical Biophysics at Western University,
PhD Thesis: His research focused on the development of deep learning and ultrasound image guidance techniques to improve prostate brachytherapy.
Current projects: Measurement of the magnetic field quality conversion factors for various chambers in clinical MRI systems.
Outside of work: Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Nathan enjoys playing hockey and tennis in his free time.

Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann

PhD: Radiation Oncology Physics at the University of Calgary PhD
Thesis: Automated planning for linac based Radiosurgery
Current Projects: TBD
Outside of work: Enjoys choral singing, sports such as volleyball and ultimate frisbee, and patio beers with friends.

Mark D’Souza

Mark D’Souza

PhD: Medical Physics at the Toronto Metropolitan University
PhD Thesis: Development and applications of water calorimeters to novel radiotherapy techniques
Current Projects: TBD
Outside of work: Mark enjoys playing music, volleyball, and board games in his free time.


Graduates from our residency program have been able to successfully find employment all over North America. Here is a list of our program’s alumni


Year Graduated

Allan Hupman
Chris Dydula
Kaiming Guo


Eyesha Younus
Priscilla Dreyer


Humza Nusrat


Lee MacDonald
Viktor Iakovenko


Syed Bilal Ahmad


Alyaa Elzibak
Ekaterina Tchistiakova
Shahram Mashouf


Cindy Tam


Moti Paudel


Marcus Sonier


Jenna King
Niranjan Venugopal


Anthony Kim


Ananth Ravi


Huan Yu
Matt Wronski


Alex Karotki


Rick Holly


Beibei Zhang


Collins Yeboah
Michelle Nielsen


Matthew Skinner


David Beachey
Marianne Aznar


Geordi Pang


Katharina Sixel



Please visit the UTDRO webpage for application information at the following link

For any questions related to admissions, courses, or CAMPEP eligibility, please contact the UTDRO Residency Program Registrar.


Residents participate in a research project as part of their residency completion requirements. Sunnybrook residents usually participate in several highly impactful clinical projects that improve patient care. Currently, there are clinical projects available in the areas listed below.

  • MR-guided RT
  • Brachytherapy
  • Adaptive RT
  • Machine learning/AI
  • Functional imaging
  • Detectors and radiation measurement
  • Virtual reality in radiotherapy

Sample Resident Publications

  • Lee MacDonald et al. Real-time infrared motion tracking analysis for patients treated with gated frameless image guided stereotactic radiosurgery. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 106(2), 413-421, 2020.
  • Viktor Iakovenko et al. Experimental measurement of ionization chamber angular response and associated magnetic field correction factors in MR-linac. Med Phys 47(4), 1940-1948, 2020.
  • Moti Paudel et al. Experimental evaluation of a GPU-based Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm in the Monaco treatment planning system. J Appl Clin Med Phys 17(6), 230-241, 2016.
  • Marcus Sonier et al. Implementation of a volumetric modulated arc therapy treatment planning solution for kidney and adrenal stereotactic body radiation therapy. Med Dos 41(4), 323-328, 2016.
  • Ananth Ravi et al. A comparison of post-implant dosimetry for Pd-103 versus Cs-131 seeds on a retrospective series of permanent breast seed implant patients. Med Phys 38(11), 6046-52, 2011.


Local Residency Program Director: Brian Keller, PhD, DABR, FCCPM