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Social Media Commenting Policy

The web communications team at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre moderates all comments and reserves the right to remove your comment. We also reserve the right to block or remove access to repeat offenders of this policy.

Comments of the following nature (and others deemed inappropriate) will be removed:

  • Trolling, spamming, or postings that are of a promotional nature 
  • Material copied from other sources (exceptions include the use of brief quotes where the source is acknowledged) 
  • Personal attacks and name calling 
  • Comments that are threatening, obscene, profane and that contain hate speech, degrade others or are abusive 
  • Libellous statements, such as allegations of criminal activity or comments that unfairly harm a person's reputation 
  • Use of an offensive username or of foul language
  • Comments that contain misleading or false information

Personal information:

Please refrain from sharing your own or others' personal information (including personal health information, addresses or phone numbers) in your comments.

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