Social Media Community Guidelines

Sunnybrook welcomes open discussion and feedback on our social media channels. The Strategic Communications team moderates all comments and we reserve the right to remove or hide comments that violate our community guidelines or are unrelated to the content of the post you are commenting on. We also reserve the right to block or remove access to those who violate our community guidelines.

Please note that Sunnybrook’s social media channels are not monitored 24/7. We will respond during regular business hours. For contact information for all of Sunnybrook’s campuses, please visit the Contact Us page.

We are unable to provide medical advice over social media. If you need immediate medical assistance, please call 9-1-1.

The following types of content (and others deemed inappropriate) will be removed:

  • Trolling, spamming or posts of a promotional nature
  • Personal attacks, profane language and/or name calling
  • Comments that are threatening, obscene, contain hate speech, degrade others or are abusive to Sunnybrook staff, physicians, partners or other followers
  • Graphic, hateful or violent imagery of any kind
  • Libellous statements like allegations of criminal activity or comments that unfairly harm a person’s reputation
  • Comments that contain misleading or false information
  • Comments that contain your own or other’s personal information (personal health information, addresses, phone numbers, or health card details)

Our team will do our best to help you; we may redirect you to other teams at Sunnybrook or external services that are best able to help you.

Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use.