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Refer a patient

The Spine Program accepts patients with disorders of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

Due to the high volume of requests for consults, all referral requests are reviewed and prioritized.

To refer a patient, please send a fax to the specific surgeon, with a return fax number, and the following details:

  • patient’s demographics
  • patient’s history
  • patient’s symptoms and clinical findings
  • patient’s CT or MRI report(s)
  • please indicate if the patient’s condition is work or accident-related
  • your referring physician billing number

Note: Dr. Michael Ford and Dr. Jeremie Larouche are not currently accepting referrals.

Workplace-related injury?

If a patient is being referred for a workplace-related injury, please, re-direct these referrals to the WSIB Back and Neck Specialty Program at the Holland Centre.

Low back pain?

We are also associated with the Rapid Access Clinic (RAC) Low Back Pain initiative. Patients with low back pain and/or spine related leg symptoms of at least 6 weeks duration but no longer than a year, can be referred to this clinic by their primary care provider (family physician, general practitioner or a nurse practitioner, practicing in Ontario). Professionals who meet the criteria are encouraged to complete the Registration and Onboarding module. The registration and onboarding takes 15 min and referral privileges are granted within 2 business days.

Register »

Patients are seen by the Advanced Practice Practitioner within 4 weeks of referral. The RAC Low Back Pain clinic provides:

  • comprehensive low back assessment
  • patient education about their low back condition
  • evidence based treatment plan
  • surgical consultation with one of the spine surgeons if necessary
  • referral for diagnostic imaging