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Referring Physicians Info

The orthopaedic spine program accepts patients with disorders of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.  If you would like to refer a patient, please send a fax containing the patient’s demographics, patient’s history, physical findings and a return fax number. Please include CT or MRI report.  Please indicate if complaint is work or accident related.  Also, please include the referring physicians billing number. 

Find referral fax numbers and physician information on our care team page.

Due to the high volume of consults, all requests are reviewed and prioritized and the referring office will be notified of an appointment by fax.  If your patient cannot be seen, the following letter will be sent by the attending physician:

"Thank you for your referral to the Spine Clinic at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.  Unfortunately based on review of the referral information and test results provided by your office, it is my opinion that this patient’s symptoms are not likely amenable to any type of surgical intervention. Due to our extensive waiting list this precludes an assessment of spinal symptoms that are unlikely to respond to surgical intervention.

Due to this, I would recommend a referral to a local physical medicine/rehab specialist, Rheumatologist, Neurologist, or Pain Clinic.  If after this assessment it is felt that this patient’s symptoms warrant spinal assessment I would be please to re-assess their referral.  If your patients symptoms change or worsen please re-submit the original referral with your new concerns and symptoms listed and I will re-assess your referral.

Please note that at this time we are unable to accommodate 2nd opinions unless referral by the specialist seen for this problem.

If this referral was submitted without cross sectional imaging, please arrange the imaging studies (CT or MRI) and consider re-referring the patient."