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Facts & Figures

Below you can find general hospital statistics that we collect and share. For more specific safety and strategic rates, please visit our Strategic Balanced Scorecard, Publicly Reported Safety Indicators and our Management Commentary & Analysis


Sunnybrook inpatient activity
Total beds in service (including bassinet beds) 1,389
Total discharges 38,405
Total patient days 459,484
Acute activity
Beds in service 690
Discharges 34,725
Patient days 237,219
Average length of stay 6.7
Rehab Activity
Beds in service 187
Discharges 2,859
Patient days 60,247
Average length of stay 21.1
Long-term care/Veterans Activity
Beds in service 512
Patient days 162,018
Operating room activity
Inpatient cases 11,443
Outpatient cases 5,291
Operating room hours 42,672
Ambulatory activity
Clinic visits 698,641
Medical day care visits 179,067
Surgical day care visits 26,280
Emergency visits, Sunnybrook campus 60,238
Diagnostic activity
Mammography procedures 24,832
CT exams 80,456
Ultrasound procedures 28,847
Nuclear medicine procedures 11,547
MRI scans 25,970

SunnyFacts 2019/2020

PDF Download infographic of additional Sunnybrook facts & figures.