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Patient stories

Cassie's story

Cassie's story

Cassie shares her experience as an out-of-province client of the Thompson Centre’s intensive live-in program for OCD.

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Nathan and his mom Nancy.

Facing OCD as a family with the right supports

“By going into the program, Nathan learned firsthand that he wasn’t the only person experiencing OCD and that there were other people who were struggling.”

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Harlan's story

How Canada’s only residential OCD treatment program is providing virtual care during the pandemic

“The virtual program has been the most beneficial for me. Participating from my house is challenging but it is where most of my triggers are,” says Harlan Kirshenbaum.

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Matthew's story

How innovative first-in-Canada treatment options for OCD gave Matthew hope for the future

After undergoing a non-invasive procedure called The Gamma Knife Icon at Sunnybrook, Matthew Ho is living a life he once thought wouldn’t be possible.

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Nikki's story

How opening up about OCD helped change Nikki’s life for the better

Nikki lived with her OCD for 20 years before telling anyone. She shares how reaching out to her family was 'empowering'.

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Charlotte's story

Residential treatment program offers hope for OCD patients

Charlotte's Journey: “You can live a very normal life with OCD. It’s always going to be a challenge, but you have to keep fighting.”

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Jeffrey's story

Jeffrey on living with OCD, seeking help and finding strength

As a teenager, Jeffrey Kotas aimed for perfection with his schoolwork, but it was coming at cost.

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