Department of Psychiatry



The Thompson Centre is involved in innovative research to help better diagnose and treat those individuals suffering from OCD and spectrum disorders. Our research goals include:

  • Identify the underlying neurobiological basis of OCD and spectrum disorders
  • Understand changes in neurocognitive function associated with these disorders
  • Better understand and identify genetic markers that make people vulnerable to OCD and spectrum disorders, in collaboration with the Psychiatric Neurogenetics Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
  • Explore potential predictors of treatment outcome, including genetic, psychological, and neurobiological factors
  • Work to improve treatment outcomes and to investigate new treatments, i.e., cutting-edge research into repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation [rTMS] for OCD (in collaboration with the Brain Stimulation Treatment and Research Unit at CAMH)
  • Investigate novel psychological treatments, such as mindfulness

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