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Frequently asked questions

Can I volunteer in whatever area I want?

Volunteer opportunities are determined based on the needs of the hospital. Applications are reviewed, and individuals are selected for an interview to ensure an appropriate placement; one that meets the requirements of the role, and also provides a rewarding volunteer experience.

Can I volunteer in more than one area or more than one shift?

New volunteers begin with one placement. Additional opportunities may be considered if you can fulfill commitment expectations and there is a suitable opening.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

The minimum age to volunteer at all sites across Sunnybrook is 16 years or older. You must be the minimum age when you submit your application.

I am a high school student. Can I complete my 40 hours of community involvement for my secondary school graduation requirement at Sunnybrook?

All volunteers make a minimum commitment which is approximately 70 hours of service. You may apply the volunteer hours accumulated at Sunnybrook to your secondary school community service requirement; however, we will only provide confirmation of hours to those who have fulfilled our program requirements. For those wishing to only do 40 hours of community service, there are a variety of organizations in need of volunteers – one resource to check is www.volunteertoronto.ca.

I am professionally trained in a health care field. May I practice or gain experience in my profession as a volunteer?

Volunteer roles do not include duties or responsibilities that are performed by a licensed or regulated profession (physician, physiotherapist, nurse, lab technician, etc.). All volunteers, regardless of their training, are restricted to performing the duties outlined in their volunteer role description and cannot be provided with the opportunity to practice, observe or gain experience within a specific profession.

Will I need to pay for parking?

Volunteers receive complimentary parking during their volunteer shift. A $10.00 refundable deposit is required.

Does the hospital provide TTC tokens for those who take transit?

Transportation to and from volunteering is the responsibility of the volunteer. The hospital does not provide funding for transportation.

I understand volunteers are required to have a medical form completed. Can I have this done at the hospital?

Successful applicants will be required to complete the medical form prior to start of volunteering. This includes immunization status and completion of a two-step Tuberculosis (TB) test and must be completed by your family physician. Proof of vaccination for COVID-19 is also required.

Will the hospital cover any costs from my doctor associated with the medical form?

Sunnybrook does not pay for any costs incurred with the completion of the medical form.

Do volunteers wear a uniform?

All volunteers are required to wear a uniform which will provide to you. This includes a hospital photo ID badge.

Are volunteers provided with orientation and training?

All volunteers who are accepted into the program must participate in virtual orientation, on-site and role-specific training.