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If you are in labour, please go directly to our 2075 Bayview Avenue campus and proceed to Triage on M5
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If you are looking for a clinic, please browse our clinics and services directory.

For patient education information, please visit our Centre for Resources & Information: Birth, Babies & Beyond.

To learn how we're improving outcomes for the most at-risk, sickest babies and mothers, please visit our Breastfeeding Centre of Excellence.

Visitor information 

If you are experiencing any illness, please do not visit the unit

  • Partners are encouraged to accompany labouring mothers and are not considered visitors
  • One additional support person, such as a doula, is allowed join the labouring mom and partner, and is also not considered a visitor, however his or her presence must be discussed with the labouring mother’s caregiver (nurse, physician or midwife) beforehand
  • Having more than two people in the delivery room at a time is a decision made by the parents AND the health-care team
  • The waiting room beside the triage room is for labouring moms, partners and support persons, NOT general visitors.
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