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Professional Master’s Diploma in Dietetics

We invite you to consider being part of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Women’s College Hospital Collaborative Dietetics Program with Ryerson University, the Professional Masters Diploma in Dietetics (PMDip – Dietetics) Class of 2020-2021.

Sunnybrook has provided dietetic education for almost 50 years and is recognized as a training centre of excellence, offering a high quality learning environment, innovative education, and nutrition care and research-focused programming. Women’s College Hospital — a well-established leader in ambulatory care, women's health, and equity — has been our longstanding partner in dietetic education.

Learners can expect to receive comprehensive dietetic education, become part of the interprofessional team, and provide of person-centered care.

Six students will be selected into the 2020-2021 class. Dietetic students will rotate through Nutrition Care, Research, Population and Public Health, and Management rotations. Here are some program details:

  • Interns gain experience both onsite and at offsite facilities.
  • Population and Public Health rotations are available through a variety of agency and industry liaisons.
  • Food Service Management rotations are offered at Sunnybrook and offsite locations across the GTA.
  • Research experience will be gained through the completion of practice-based research and quality improvement projects.

Students will graduate with knowledge and skills required for a variety of entry-level employment opportunities. The program is recognized by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice and prepares students for eligibility for registration with a provincial dietetics regulatory body.

Throughout the program, students will have access to research, library and electronic resources, computer labs and technical support, WSIB coverage, professional liability insurance, academic and personal counselling, medical services, health coverage, athletic centre membership, student housing, discounted transit passes, learning support, and other student services provided by Ryerson University. For more information about the benefits of being a Ryerson student, visit

Program mission, vision and goals »

To deliver outstanding academic and practical training for future dietitians through collaborative partnerships.

To be a leader of innovation and collaboration in dietetic education and training.


  1. To provide students with high quality practical training through which they can demonstrate competency attainment as per the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice, qualify to write the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination, and become registered dietitians.
  2. To collaborate with partner organizations to enhance the quality of dietetic practical training for students and preceptors.
  3. To support students and preceptors by providing exceptional opportunities for professional growth and development.

Program outline »

Our comprehensive professional program provides varied experiences in management, clinical practice, research and population and public health.

Program outline

Program Components

# of Weeks





Food Service (may be twinned or 1:1) 5

Clinical Nutrition (may be twinned or 1:1)


Nutrition Care


Outpatient Rotations (including diabetes)

Introductory (1:1 precepting) 4

Secondary (1:1 precepting)


Inpatient Rotations

Introductory (twinning model for all interns) 4

Nutrition Support (1:1 precepting or twinning)


Further Concentration

Inpatient or outpatient (1:1 precepting)




Population and Public Health


Research/Quality Improvement
(spread throughout the year)


Vacation and Study Weeks
(winter holidays + 2 TBD)




Note: This program outline is subject to change.

Students will also complete a professional practice course to support student learning.


  • Monthly supplemental education sessions further support the learning within rotations. Examples include:
    • Renal Nutrition
    • Weight Management
    • Geriatric Nutrition
    • Nutrition Support
    • Simulation and Standardized Patient Sessions
    • Media Training
    • Preparing for Workforce Entry
  • Case study
  • Formal interprofessional education activities with students and staff throughout the year

Application and selection process »

1. Admission Requirements and Application Process

Please visit Ryerson’s Admissions for Dietetics (PMDip) page for information about admission requirements and the application process.

2. Interviews

Interviews will be held for selected applicants on Tuesday February 25, 2020.

A Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format is used to interview candidates. The MMI consists of a series of short, timed interview stations and attempts to draw multiple examples of the candidate's ability to quickly and critically appraise information, communicate ideas, and demonstrate thought related to issues pertaining to the dietetic profession. Telephone interviews may be offered if a candidate is unable to attend in person.

Once accepted »

Program admission depends on completion of degree requirements prior to the start of the internship. Candidates who are accepted into the program will receive instructions on how and when to register as students at both Sunnybrook and Ryerson.

Program Dates – September to mid/late July (3 semesters)

Hours – Rotations are scheduled according to the routine of the placement (e.g. Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Schedules and hours vary by rotation and may include evenings and weekends.

Rotation Locations – Core rotations will be at Sunnybrook and Women’s College Hospitals. Travel within the GTA for other rotations will likely be required.

Graduation – Program graduates will participate in Ryerson’s fall convocation. Graduates are eligible for temporary membership in all provincial licensing bodies (e.g. College of Dietitians of Ontario).

Additional information, such as tuition and financial matters, can be found on the Ryerson PMDip website.

Contact Information

Katelynn Maniatis, MHSc, RD
Professional & Education Leader
Clinical Nutrition
Phone: 416-480-4222 | Email: